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The Multidimensional Mastermind Mission is Connecting Magical Mavens to Bond, Heal, Evolve, Expand and Unite together!


A space where powerful women come together to make themselves a priority & awaken their consciousness.


We are here to remind you that you can do life exactly how your intuition leads you to!


Fuck the rules, Fuck the limits, Fuck the boundaries, Fuck the system, Fuck the boxes, you do NOT need permission!


The best bit is you don't have to do it alone!


You can be surrounded by a community of bad ass New Age Magical Mavens!


Meet the Mavens

Stevie is an Astrology Coach to ambitious women who are on a journey to confidently manifest their dreams, fulfill their purpose and lead themselves boldly into their future.


Stevie helps YOU to discover what’s written in YOUR stars. So you can live the abundant, bold and authentic life YOUR soul was made to in ease and flow.


Stevie is a trained and qualified Learning and Development Expert with over 10+ years of managing, leading, coaching individuals from a varied walks of life. Having led a corporate life Stevie combined her knowledge of self development with her passion and love of the Stars and the Moon to create services she delivers today.


An Intuitive Astrologer and Crystal Healing Practitioner. Stevie is  qualified to deliver energy and astrology in a way which you can implement and get the success you desire.


In Stevie's unique personalized work she combines intuition, energetic healing, astrology and divination tools with psychology to lead you back to yourself to lead a purpose filled, abundant, comparison free and confident life.

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Stacey is a Spiritual Transformation Business Coach/ Mentor Specialising in Success, Sustainability & Self Growth.


Stacey's unique approach encourages you to fully Embody your TRUTH and connect with your purpose while creating the Business and life you desire. With unshakable confidence and magical boundaries you can finally step into the Success that is Aligned to your Vision.


Stacey is a qualified Education and Training Expert (AET). She also has extensive Management and mentoring experience from her  previous corporate role, along with 13 years of being a multiple business owner.


It is with this experience that Stacey creates bespoke programs to support all of her clients need's that gets results.


In Stacey's unique personalised work she combines  intuition, energetic activation, divination tools with bespoke soul strategy & Alignment as well as Mindset Mastery to lead you to creating a Purposeful,  Sustainable, Confident, Abundant Life and Business.




Babe when you start connecting to your higher self, it can be a very lonely and scary place. We know because we were there too.



The things you used to do in your spare time, the shows you used to watch, the people you use to surrounded yourself with, it just doesn't make sense anymore! in-fact not much does.


Your old life feels like a million miles away to who you are becoming, and you're asking yourself what do I do? who can I talk to? Who get's me?


Now... you're dreaming of something deeper, something more meaningful, you are looking for more out of your life.


You're drawn to nature, meditation, you are manifesting under the moon, wanting to gain connection with like minded sisters, connecting to your spirit guides and seeing angel numbers and signs everywhere.


You're seeing life through a new window, and you want more!


But you long for a community of like minded souls to share this new incredible experience with as others just don't get you anymore.


You're mesmerised by powerful women you used to compare yourself to.


Why The Multidimensional Mastermind...


We want to give you what we never had!

We want to give you what was missing for us as Magical Mavens...

Connection, Community, Support, Encouragement & Growth and all in a Magical safe space to just be you!

And not at 5 figure investment.


We are here to help you remember your power, claim your true self and embody spiritual freedom.


Teaching you how to use your spiritual and psychic gifts to transform every area of your life.


We have helped hundreds of women to radically find themselves and experience true Freedom while wildly & confidently stepping in to their Multidimensional identities.


Because you are allowed to own the chanel handbag, wave around you sage, embrace your wild women and get lost in nature, whilst experiencing  beautiful luxurious offerings life has to offer because YOU are Multidimensional!


It's our honor to steer you home, to your body, spirit, desires and success..... because we all know that you came here to live your Truest Purpose and Expansive fucking life.


You're noticing the ones who are fully owning their shit, embracing their Feminine Magic and Wildness... and you can't look away.


You want IN on that kind of liberation, you're sick of watching from a distance waiting to be invited in, hoping for the opportunity to embrace all that is available.


Awakening one - We see you- We invite you in!!!


We created this online space because we wanted it for ourselves and if we were looking for it we knew that you would be too!


A community of equals, leaders, inspiration, support, witchy vibes, creativity, expansion, understanding and so much more....


We wanted to get lit-up on this journey, to further our spiritual growth, body redemption, inner wildness, whilst being Completely unapologetic about every step!





Every month we dive in to a specific key theme. We will be diving into the wild waters of business, success, money, relationships, purpose, manifesting, astrology, spiritual rituals, confidence, awakening and much more.


Picture This...


Feeling Supported as you ride the waves of awakening who you really are,


Feeling deeply connected to women like you who are evolving & manifesting and expanding with you.


Feeling huge emotional releases as you are held in deep moon ceremonies.


Feeling powerfully relaxed, yet deeply connected to your feminine fire.


Feeling courageous in your life, love & business  because you have rituals that ground you and access to magical, expansive people you want to learn from.


Finally feeling like you've found your Sisters!


No more filtering your conversations to suit others.


No more Googling for answers.


No more feeling like No one truly gets you!


No more Hiding your passion.


No more struggling on your own!


No more Fear or shame around your beliefs!


It's time to Own it, Claim it  and were going to do it together.

Every Month you will receive...

Monthly in-depth astrological forecast with live coaching and energy healing for the month ahead with Stevie (Valued at  £555 )


Monthly in-depth Intuitive Business / Success & Mindset Live Coaching Session with Stacey

( Valued at £555)


Monthly Guest Expert ( Valued at £555 )


1 Moon Ceremony Stevie - Meditation, Card Reading, Manifestation & Energy Reset Work

( Valued at £111)+ replay


Monthly Moon Journal ( Valued at £111)


1 Spell Castng Ritual (Valued at £111)


1 Meditation / Embodiment Visualisation

(Valued at £111)


Energy Play List to lift your vibration 

( Valued at £111)


Business Module / Task to take you towards more success in your business

( Valued at £111)


Access to an every growing

library of magical and mystical teachings,  templates + practices to allow you to quantum leap in your business and life)

( Valued at £5,555 )

Private Community

A sisterhood and mastermind that allows you to create connections, grow friendships, share spiritual practices and invite manifestation and abundance into all areas of your life.





An Investment in you is the best investment you can make!

Because babe you are Fucking priceless.


This is a unique and individual mastermind like nothing seen before.


Which will gift you in-return life long friendship's, abundance that flows into every area of your life and space to be truly you so you can use all your powers in the world, that's priceless.


The value of the package is £7,331 pm


But you can receive all of this for just 



The price will remain fixed for the duration of your stay.

Minimum of 3 months sign up.

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