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About me

My Story

Taking you back to 2009 I want to share a little bit about my own journey with you, with the intention that my story can inspire you to take action.

Where it all began

I remember lying awake night after night, going over and over in my head asking myself, what was I doing wrong? Why wasn't this working for me? I just did what everybody else was doing, I completed my training, I had my insurance, I had my business cards, and I made a Facebook page that looked just like everybody else's, I even used the same logo and colours, I just didn't get it, why wasn't it working for me.... I'm someone that likes a plan. I know what I want and I don't like waiting, I don't give up and normally things tend to work in my favour! The plan was to invest my savings in to some training, get clients set up and booked in for as soon as I was qualified so then I would be earning a full time wage working just part time hours in 3-6 weeks. I thought that was plenty of time to get my name out there, but 6- 9 months later I still wasn't where I wanted to be....I still wasn't earning a stable income, no income some weeks. I wasn't earning enough to book a holiday abroad, or buy my new car that I had already picked out (my current one was about to die any day) I still struggled with how to get myself known, how to get people to book in with me. I used to worry I wasn't offering the right treatment or my prices were too high, my work wasn't good enough or there was just too much competition. People don't like my booking system, I wasn't available enough, I need to work every evening and weekend.....the list went on!

The Blocks

I would spend hours in the darkness ( not sleeping) just planning in my head what I would do differently this week, desperate for this to work. I started doing more research, following all the top leaders in my industry. Getting ideas, reading books, doing more free training, I watching YouTube videos until I couldn't keep me eyes open any longer & Knocking myself unconscious through dropping the phone on my face while drifting off! :-) But there still wasn't enough improvement, I still wasn't where I wanted to be and I didn't understand why! I was doing all the do...


The Fear

The one thing I was sure about was I there was not a hope in hell I'd be telling people I failed and giving them the opportunity to say see I told you , I was right! The fear I had was overwhelming

But I'd be lying if I said there comments didn't play out in my head over and over... my competition was just too strong, I lived in the wrong place to start a business, there really wasn't very many people at all that were ready to invest money in to themselves, I should of saved my money, I was a fool to give up my progressive job working for the NHS. It was a job for life!!!!


The Mindset

But that determination, stubbornness & pride in me didn't let me give up! There was a way I just didn't know what it was YET, I was going to find out if it takes a year or 5! 

Power of a positive mindset teamed with the knowledge, focus, grit, action & resilience was going to turn my business around.

The Investment

Eventualy I woke u and so did the social media, online businesses and the coaching industry to name a few key factors,  and here I am, I did it, I finally understood what worked and what doesn't. I cracked my code "although the code ofter shifts" but I know what to do when it does! with 10+ years experience in building successful businesses yes there was more that 1, I got the bug! 

Id love to tell you it was this ONE thing but id be lying it was many for me it was the correct Investment in myself and my Business, it was having support and accountability so I wasn't doing everything on my own, it was not being reactive and settling for quick wins, it was setting myself up for success and unlocking my Truth & really stepping out in to the world as ME, unapologetically and owning all of me! ( to name a few).


My Purpose

So, after reading my story I am hoping you feel like you know a little bit more about me and my journey to how I became a Coach. Once I had done the work on myself and my business I just knew I  had to share this and teach other women who were going through the same struggles as I had been previously. I had invested 10's of thousands in to training and coaches and into my self development and fine tuning my coaching skills.

My sole purpose now is to work with women who are driven and ambitious and know what they want. Who are 100% committed to levelling up in there personal life and business and achieve that DREAM life.

My Why
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