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Have you ever made a wish over a birthday candles, tossed a lucky penny in to a fountain, or doodled your crush's name on a piece of paper? If so, then you've already cast a spell.
Through such actions may seem mundane, these practices all have a place in the time-honoured tradition of spell craft.

This spell has a very special place in my heart. at the beginning of my coaching journey it was hard, I was doing all the things, getting out of my own way and silencing my Ego!
 I had also invested but I was still awaiting my first client!

I had started to recognise my spiritual curiosity getting stronger and particularly in the manifestation of magic, I focused on what was most important to me and did some research on what could assist me on calling in the abundance I desired!

Spells and rituals are a beautiful way to express your deepest desires and make them come true.

Spell means a type of ritual in which you need to work with your intentions, energy, and spiritual force to fulfil particular purposes that you long for. 

I used this ritual for the very first time with belief and focus and within a week I signed my very first Client!!!

this ritual allowed me to get clarity on what it was that I desired, I was able to be specific and focused and ask for what I wanted, I had 100% belief in myself and the universe, as well as releasing any Energy blockages I had that were holding me back. 

This along side me taking action towards my desires, came the results.

If you are Taking action but you feel stuck and things aren't working out as you had hoped then  I invite you to take part in this ritual and call  in the abundance you desire through the manifestation of magic!  

Remember to continue to take aligned action.

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