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Start Crushing your Content Right Here Right Now

STEP 1 Understand the 6 Content Pillars, Download by clicking the link below.


STEP 2 If you're relatively new to Canva and you would like some help understanding how to use your New Content planner then have a read below on "Step by Step" and or watch the video tutorial.




STEP 3 Now its time to download your Content Planner, using the link below. Make sure you save a copy to your Canva.






STEP 4 Now you're ready to get planning and Start CRUSHING YOUR CONTENT!!!

Step by Step

Step by Step how to Crush your Content
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Step 1   Click on the link and Save a copy to your Canva Designs.

Step 2   Open your planner in Canva and start to edit the first page
( page2 ) you will see that I have created a replica of your IG profile so you can start to edit all of your details. 

Step 3    In Canva upload your profile photo and your highlight covers, drag and drop the images in to the desired frames.

Step 4    Ok now its time to get organised ... 
so start by going in to your content designs on your canva and download/ saving them to the device you're working on. Then go back in to your planner and into uploads and upload them. 

Step 5    Choose the content from your uploads you wish to use and drag and drop in to the desired content box within the planner.

Step 6    To move the content once you have placed them on to your planner I recommend deleting the previous image and dragging a new image into the content box or just dragging a new image on top to replace the old one. 

That's it guys, I told you its straight forward I recommend you planning at least 2 weeks - months content in advance it may sound a lot but once you get in the swing of it, it will become a breeze.
So enjoy your planning. 

Lots of Love Stacey B xxx

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