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Psychic Business & Energetics Coach, Mentor & Expert


Hey Babe, Welcome to my world. I'm guessing you're here because you are absolutely ready to take that next step in your business, and move closer than ever to experiencing true freedom (success with speed, ease & safety) !

I'm so excited for you! 

My Mentorship is inspired by a Balance between energies, the masculine and the feminine this unity of energies is what forms the foundation of remarkable businesses and lives.


Its 2024, its time to become a fast action taker, connect back to your own intuition whilst claiming your next level in a way that the average only dream of! Whilst sipping on Moét in your Louboutin's & being fully prepared and not afraid to get your manicure a little dirty!


My mentorship is like no other, it has a EDGE that you wont find from another Business Coach / Mentor, YES I'm a Master Psychic but its so much more than just that! It's the potency of my gifts that really make them special!

The rapid response, the clarity, the certainty, the guidance, the next steps, the insight, the accuracy the straight talking, Grounded, ethical, no BS approach that make them unmatched and so Unique!

Get ready to have your Heals blown off!

My Mentorship is for Women looking to get in touch with their wild wealthy self and express that through the true embodiment of who they really Fucking are!



Its time to Fuck the struggle and the rule book and start living just as you desire. £100k, £500k or £900k whatever your goal is im ready for you but 1 thing we wont do is limit ourselves by any number!

Together we strut towards your future Success with utter Confidence & clarity and we do it Audaciously, Easily & Safely.

My promise to you is:

I will always see you , hear you , make time for you and make you feel like your my NO.1 Client, 

You will feel fully supported and celebrated, but I wont shy away for always being upfront , honest , direct and to the point ! 

I will become obsessed with your business & you will become obsessed with my Mentorship!

Lots of Love Stacey xoxoxox

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