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CONGRATULATIONS! You've taken the first step...

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Small Strokes

Mostly A's - Your the Lady Gaga of Business world, a unique trend setter, babe your making waves🌊! Your fun and creative & bring joy to your audience 🥳 is a top priority! You take your business seriously (but never yourself! ) you have created a balance that still allows you to be YOU!
Tech doesn't phase you, in fact you secretly love it!
Your always looking to be innovative with your content and delivery, being one step ahead of the GAME! 😵 


Mostly A's Results  



















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Ok, so you've taken the Quiz and you have lots of idea's flying around your head right now.

After ideas comes the time for implementation!🤯

I hear you, you're now worrying about....

If you have the right audience?

Is everything in alignment?

Is it time to up my game?😨

Am I capiable of offering more?

What is it I want to offer moving forward?

Do I offer enough?

How much is too much? 

and that's just the start.....


Just for a second I want you to close your eyes and clear your thoughts, 


I want you to picture your life full of the Luxury and Abundance that you crave, 💎

Running your business from a place of Freedom, Alignment and Joy, 🥳

Always looking ahead and never behind you. 🥂


"To be a Successful Woman you need to think like a Successful Woman"


Your Higher Self is inside trying to claw her way out, that life with no limitations & restrictions is so close you can almost taste it!





Hey Beautiful, I'm Stacey!

Your Intuitive Luxury Business Coach / Mentor

Think of me as your Business Bestie, someone to Demystify the Art of Success, share your struggles with and come up with a Fabulous solution to make it all better..

This is exactly why I have created "Luxury Alignment".🥂 In my line of work I see so many women struggling and putting themselves under unnecessary stress. I hear you thinking "well that's what I've signed up for when I chose to start my own business!" Right?  😲


In actual fact NO it doesn't have to be that way! I am living proof that you can turn that around if you choose to! 

I first started my own business back in 2009 when I had my first child "Ruby"💓 I left my well paid , full of potential Corporate job in the NHS to live a life of Freedom and be a present Mum! 


Yes I had achieved that life 🙌 but my god it was exhausting especially when my second child came along in 2011 "Maximus"💕.

I had the Business and the 2.4 children, life looked quite perfect from the outside looking in but on the inside I was searching for something I hadn't yet found. 


I continued to look for the missing piece of the puzzle (for years), until one day someone asked me why I do what I do? 

And my automated response that I was so used to telling rolled off my tongue, it was like an out of body experience .....


It was like I had heard myself say those words for the very first time! I felt a twinge in the pit of my stomach! 

That was the day I found the missing piece I had been searching for, it had been there all along!


Now I just needed help to access it!!


I pivoted and pivoted again in my business, I built my Dream Business online earning 3 x times what I had before in my First Year of business & for the first time I felt Complete!

I was living my best life that once was a Very Distance Dream!

I'm now a Proud owner of a Successful Luxury Business with Balance, Boundaries, Joy, laughter and satisfaction!

And it is now my Souls Purpose to Teach, Support & Guide as many women as possible, to achieving their Dream Business and Life.


Oh and I learnt the secret of working less and Earning More!

Well you Superstar, you can thank me later! I have created a 4 week intensive course...
🔥"Luxury Alignment"🔥


Normally this course would be £777


BUT .. I want to support as many of you beautiful souls as possible, and make it as accessible to all! So you can...

#Step into Alignment & Purpose.

# Make decisions from a place of Faith and not Fear.

# To step out of the "BOX" and find your truth.

# Have the Vision, Hold the Vision, Trust the Process.

# Create the Business you desire.

So I'm making this as simple for you as possible to say YES to that dreamy life that is waiting just around the corner.

So Today you can purchase it at £222

That will support you in Discovering the Vision, Holding the Vision and Trusting the Process😍

As well as Aligning your Business for success!

This course is going to teach you everything you need to Demystify the Art of Success 🔮

This is for online business owners who are ready to up-level their businesses and Align themselves to a Luxury Lifestyle 🤑

This High Level support is for women who:

✅Already have a business and are looking to break through to that next level.
✅Are looking to create an Engaged audience, full of HOT leads.
✅Desire more Luxury & abundance in her business and life.
✅Are ready to invest in their business 100%, there is no room for excuses here!

****Availability is extremely limited and is only for those that are ready to go ALL IN!****






When you're out of Alignment you will feel out of Control too!


Your Energy and Alignment is your natural point of attraction and if you are running off an old program or Service that limits you then you will struggle to create the Success you desire within your business.

( hustle hard all you want, but what you create will never fill that void)

FYI  - Hustling is just not my Vibe!

So what happens if you or your business is out of Alignment?

#You will fell like you have completely lost yourself asking yourself " who am I anymore?"

#your Financial stability will be all over the place, you will always be searching for the next thing!

# You will be attracting everyone & anyone that is Not your dream Client.

# You will struggle and have a lack of motivation when it comes to showing up.

# You will fall in to the trap of living inside of the "box" being the person who you think people want you to be, but not as who you are!

# You will have that feeling at the pit of your stomach, that you just cant shift!

# You will struggle to create Success, and if you do it will be short lived.

# You will struggle to set meaningful Goals, and it will feel impossible to create a vision of the life you dream of living.

That's just the tip of the Iceberg!

You are worth so much more!


Intrigued to see what lies waiting for you inside?


Week 1 

Luxury Lifestyle Rituals

To be a Successful Business Woman you need to start thinking like one, lets start as we mean to go on! Success is 80% Mindset 20% Strategy.

Week 2 

Setting yourself up for Fabulousness

Mastering you money story, Action will always beat Inaction.

Attracting with ease and Flow.

Week 3 

Bonus Week

Week 4  

Demystify the Art of Success

Purpose led Business school, it's time to create Multiple streams of income.

Bonus Bundle......

Reflection Workshop

A delve into a powerful deep Reflection and Goal setting workshop giving yourself the time, focus and energy.

The more Reflective you are the more Effective you are!


Luxury Alignment.png


If you're a woman who knows what she wants and will move Heaven and Earth to get it, then my 1-1 High Level Coaching would be a better fit for you!
I invite you to complete the form by clicking below and I will be in touch to book a
Complementary Call,
Click here

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