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1-1 Private Mentorship / Coaching / Masterminds / Self led learning Application

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This is an invitation to become part of my inner circle of VIP coaching

My programs are inspired by balance.
A Balance between energies,
the masculine and The feminine

Its this unity of energies that form the basis of remarkable businesses and lives.

Its 2023, its time to become your best client & embody fast action taking! all while you claim your power & allow yourself to lead first, whilst not breaking a sweat but being fully prepared and not afraid to get your manicure a little dirty! 

My 1-1 mentorship is not for everyone, It's is for Women open to a new level of psychic support, and are ready to get in touch with their own Intuition to access their wild wealthy self and express that through true embodiment and business. 

Its time to Fuck the struggle and the rule book and start living just as you desire.
£50k, £100k  or £900,000k is not the goal! 
We're not here to limit ourselves by any number or income goal!
Instead we leap towards Success, Confidence, Abundance, Impact & Fulfilment & THE POWER OF ENERGETICS.

You will feel fully supported and celebrated, but I will give you a kick (metaphorically speaking) up the arse if I feel you are not fulfilling your highest potential. 

I will become obsessed with your business but I can not love your results more than you do.


Please fill out the application form thoroughly.
Once completed, I will review your application and if I feel we would be a good fit, you will be invited to join me on a call or get straight to the sign up! 

The Investments
Ultimate VIP 1-1, 12 month Coaching is £19,000 pay in full- £18000

Exclusively VIP 1-1, 5Months Coaching is £8,800, pay in full - £8000

24 hour Expansion, 5* UK overnight retreat £3000

Voxer coaching, 3 months support £500pm

payment plans are available. Please  do not apply if you are not able to meet these investment's.

If winning is your vibe and you value freedom and flow, this is for you.

Together we walk side by side, welcoming in Expansion and Freedom.

Thanks for submitting!We’ll get back to you shortly.

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